Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact to make a reservation?

If you know an existing member, who will be your sponsor, contact them and they will sign you up on our website. If you don't know an existing member, contact our Membership Coordinator to setup a date to come up.   

Where will I sleep?

The RSC has 4 Female only bedrooms, 3 Male only bedrooms and a loft that is co-ed. The Male/Female rooms are setup with 3 twin size bunk beds, sleeping 6 to a room. If you have a preference as to which room you'd like to stay in, you can let us know in advance and we'll try our best to accommodate you.   

What do I need to bring?

Our guests would need to bring twin size bed linens (or sleeping bag), pillow, toiletries, towel...etc.   

What is the cost per night? 

$35.00 per night per person.

Does the cost include food? 

No, however we do offer breakfast for and additional $4.00 or $6.00 more. The $4.00 breakfast consists of coffee/juice/bagel/cereal, the $6.00 breakfast consists of eggs/pancakes/bacon/toast/coffee/juice (breakfast is cooked by an early riser member). Our guests also have the option of bringing their own food (use our restaurant style stove/griddle if you need to), or head into town for a bite to eat. Unfortunately the RSC does not provide dinners, but you can usually find a member who would like to dine out or order a pizza or will cook at the house with you.   

How does the house run itself?

Every April the members of the RSC elect RSC Board Officers: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. Also elected are Committee Chairs: Lodge Supply, Lodge Repair, Social Committee, Membership and an EICSL Representative (to represent the RSC at EICSL meetings). The Board meets monthly to consider current and future concerns of the house. The Committee Chairs also attend board meetings to report on the status of their committees. General club monthly meetings are held from September to April for all members to attend and participation is encouraged. E-mails regarding the General Meeting schedule are sent to all members on a regular basis During the winter weekends there is a Weekend Coordinator (members will volunteer for one weekend a season.) The Member will organize the weekend business operations such as making sure all members/guests have signed in when they first arrive, collecting guest and Alumni dues, checking that Weekend Duties are completed by members and taking a list of new supplies needed at the house.